Monday, January 21, 2013


quick update. ER to be on wed! Did an acupuncture session on Saturday morning and knew by today my body was ready. trigger tonight and then heading out Tuesday night! I could not help but to pray last night that it could be my last time ever taking meds. I really hope so! One of my favorite nurses gave me a pep talk reminding me how lucky that I am that my body still responds to meds given the number of cycles. I am going to focus on that and just hope we get one lucky one!

Thanks for all of the well wishes...I will be back later in the week!


  1. Good luck to you on Wednesday. You are absolutely right, all you can do is focus on the task at hand!

    Fingers crossed for some nice quality eggs!

  2. Yay for Wednesday! I hope this time is THE one! The one that you will finally get your bfp from. Excited for you!

  3. YAY! Love your positive attitude:) sending you lots of good vibes!