Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Number 5

It is on! AF arrived on time. I guess I can be grateful for that! Maybe this explains my rant yesterday!

One thing I would like to mention is my amazing clinic and mostly the head RN. These people continue to rock my world...and lets face it that is tough to do at this point. I love that I can call there, they know who I am, they get me in quickly, and just are so nice. Lets face it, I am not feeling too nice at this point so one of us needs to be. Everything is also electronic so in seconds i get consents sent to me and they email. this might seem minor, but in the mist of more cycles than i care to recall email has saved my life. whether its getting a question answered, at any hour, they respond. I plan to shower them with some big baby love when this whole thing is over. And to be honest I cant wait for that day. to thank those who have been there, consistently each time. I have got nothing but love.

This cycle we will also be using Saizen or human growth hormone. At this point I am willing to try anything, and although it is ungodly expensive, it seems worth a try. Please if anyone knows about this drug, let me know. I use an anatagonist cycle as well with follistim, menopur and ganirlex. My supply, which I have built up over the year is starting to get low. Foolishly I thought, I will get to donate all of these as I will never need them all...silly..silly girl. Anyway, starting today it is all about the positive thoughts, appointments, needles (thank god those don't bother me), and all of the other lovely crap that goes along with it. I also do RPL protocol as at my clinic they use that if you have failed implantation. So more intralipids and lovenox my way. plus the long list of vitamins I take already. I also recently started DHEA. does anyone have any experience with that? I am trying it but I really wonder if it will matter or not.

Here is to lucky number 5!!!!


  1. I recently started implementing the DHEA and we got pregnant with our last iui but lost pregnancy soon after. Not sure what role it plays, but definitely can't hurt.

  2. I have used human growth hormone in my cycles - but it was called something else. I think it's supposed to help egg quality. You are on the same protocol as I will be.
    I have been taking DHEA for 4 months now (plus a month in between IVF 1 and 2). My follicle count has gone up and I had more mature eggs in IVF 2 but I am also taking other supplements so I don't know which one is working or if it's the combo of all of them. My biggest problem with DHEA is it makes me break out like crazy. So annoying.
    Good luck!!!!!!!

  3. thanks so much. i dont notice too much different..breaks outs...fun times!!!!

  4. It's so nice to have a clinic you love and feel so comfortable at. It's a hard thing to go through, so it sure is nice to actually like the people you have to work with! Good luck as you get going with this cycle!!