Friday, April 12, 2013

It is on!

Started stims today. sadly it feels like no time has passed. I am oddly excited this month. maybe because we are doing an IUI and the stress of the appointments is gone with no ivf. I am feeling refreshed and less stressed. this is a great thing.

I have spoken about my favorite rn before. but i need to say i am inspired by her. despite my numerous failures she has been able to get my spirit up. she never stops answering my questions and is so supportive.

we are in the process of ordering DS. that is a whole other adventure. it is odd that i cannot get over how crazy this process is. just when you think you are prepared there is more to do every day! more forms, more errors on the forms, this task never ends. my favorite part of the week was when i asked my husband if he is concerned with using a donor. he just simply reassures me that he will be a dad and that is all that he cares about. I adore this man! normal SA, but given our genetic matching he is willing to give it all up for me. I said to him tonight that it is still very hard for me. coming from someone who has experienced true medical drama I have never given up on anything. It feels like I am giving up, he has reminded me that we are moving forward. How did I get so lucky?!

So if there are any prayers left, please keep me in your thoughts. cycle number gazillion and one is starting and I need all of the help that I can get!


  1. I love the start of new cycles. It always brings a sense of renewed hope and faith.

    Good luck :)

  2. Good luck with everything! Hopefully you guys have found your answer and this one will be your turn.

  3. Good luck! Sending all sort of positive thoughts your way.

  4. It's go time! Good luck with this cycle. Your husband seems to have an awesome attitude toward everything. The fact that he sees it as "moving forward" rather than giving up is an incredible way to look at it. I'm glad you have someone so supportive.

    1. thank you so much...are you getting excited for your fet?

  5. thank you all ladies for the feedback. i am so lucky to be on this journey with someone so great and with all of you!!!

  6. What a wonderful, supportive, loving husband. I'm excited for you, praying for you and rooting for you! You won't leave my prayers!! Xoxox

  7. I couldn't find your email but I wanted to tell you that we have decided to move on from IVF to IUI with donor sperm. I won't be writing about the donor aspect on my blog, just because so many people in real life read it and we want to wait to announce the donor aspect until it works. I have always liked reading your blog, but now I look forward to your updates even more since we are in the same boat! It is not easy to make the decision to move onto donor, but like your husband, my husband has really seemed fine with it. I am wishing you all the best :)