Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It Day

sorry for the lack of writing. I have not had as much time this go around. and I must admit going back to an IUI has been soooo much easier than the stress of IVF that I have enjoyed my time. But today is the day. My body is ready! I am very thankful that after so many cycles I had a great response to meds for an IUI. I know the chances of it working are slim, but at this point 5 rounds of ivf gave me nothing so what can I lose!

Anyway, please wish me luck. I have been still reading all of my blogs. Please know that I am thinking of you all. some who had recent failures and others who are gearing up to cycle.

Be back this weekend with some sort of update!


  1. I thought the same things after two failed ivf attempts. We did get pregnant on a iui after and then a TI cycle. Anything is possible :) High hopes!

  2. Wow, I am late, but still wishing you lotsa luck! Hope everything went well and can't wait to hear the results.

    1. thank you so very much. i am hoping your FET brings you your long awaited miracle