Monday, May 6, 2013


I have been wanting to write but I do not have much to say. My test is Wednesday and life seems to have been so busy I really have not thought about the test as much. My husband and  I have both agreed that this cycle was so much easier. Maybe it is the less money spent, or the time, I am not sure but it has been easier on us. My husband remarked today that he feels that it didn't work. I reminded him of the low success rate of injectable IUI so he would not feel so bad. He said that I had not said much and that he feels if it worked I would have symptoms. I reminded him that IF treatment is all about having fake symptoms. Between the PIO, crinone, lovenox, dexamtheasone I have stuff going on but I refuse to get my hopes up. It is pretty cute as I think he still thinks that women should get instant morning sickness and like magic pregnancy hits.

Anyway I have been reading blogs daily. It is awesome reading where everyone is at right now. Some preggers, some starting, some gearing up for one more try. I am thinking of everyone and just sending positive thoughts to the universe. I will be back on Wednesday, but because I am insanely cheap I don't test ahead of time so I will know at some point Wednesday.

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad to read your update.
    It seems like you and your hubby really know how to go through this together.
    I have everything crossed for you!!! Hope Wednesday holds a big surprise for you!!!!

  2. Glad that you're finding this cycle easier on you. Will be thinking of you Wednesday and hoping you see positive results!!

  3. Wishing you all sorts of good luck!

  4. I'm so far behind in my reading! Can't wait to read your next post to find out if there is big news!