Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back to Basics

This is how I feel today. Going back to where it all started. Today I am having a natural IUI. I completed a mock cycle to get one on the books so if I pursue a donor it is done. I need to wait one more period before I can repeat the hysterscopy since I was not at baseline after taking the estrace. So the mystery to wait for what is in my uterus will have to wait some more.

Through all of this I have been so lucky. My body responds well and bounces back. When the nurse told me that there was a chance my natural hormones would kick in and ovulate I just had a feeling all would work out. So here I am with a 21 plus follicle. Do I have a gazillion gallons of hope that a natural iui will work, no but why not try it?! It reminds me of our first month at the clinic. We did a natural IUI, then a clomid IUI, and then 3 injectable cycles of an IUI. It seemed like so much, boy did I not have a clue of what we in store for me.

I always appreciate luck and prayers. I am enjoying reading all of my blogs. Some of you just got some hard earned BFPs, others are cycling, and some are like me trying to figure out what the summer will bring. My nurse told me something the other day that I thought I would share with you. She had said that women like us have more patience and strength than most. She had told me that the urge for her to be a mother would have eaten at her and she would not have been able to keep cycling. So please whenever you are all down remember that what we do every day is not always what others could handle. Yes we all should appreciate the positives in our lives, focus on other things etc. But wanting a baby, another baby, your 4 th baby, whatever it is, it is very hard work. I am going to try to keep that in my mind the next time I tell myself those dreaded words: I can't.


  1. I am a firm believer that you never know what cycle will be the one that gives you a take home baby. Just remember that because a certain treatment gives you more of a chance, doesn't mean it will work better then another. I know this first hand.

    Good luck to you on this iui and fingers crossed for you. Plus lots of hope and baby dust coming your way!

    1. you are so right! this could be the one, you just never know! gl with everything and for what it is worth the levonox is not too bad at all.

  2. I agree with T, you really never know what treatment/cycle is going to result in your baby. We just need to keep trying until something works! I bet it feels really good to be back to basics, after everything you've been through. I hope you get your baby soon :)

  3. thank you so very much., in a way it does feel good and more in control. i would never down play an part of IF but an IUI is less stressful with my work commitment than ivf. and both my husband and i needed it right now. and it is covered by my insurance, it is less of a financial loss. it is terrible it is at that but it is.

  4. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love what your nurse said...so true! You are strong...so strong. Xoxox

  5. Wow, I'm really behind the eight ball here and missed cheering you on through this. I'm slowly but surely catching up. Hope all is well.